Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Jigga what? Jigga who?

I launched Rhapsody today and found an awesome surprise... almost all of Jay-Z's discography has been added to Rhapsody!

I'm stoked Jay-Z has finally released his albums' digital rights -- and that Rhapsody was right on the ball in adding them to our growing collection of over 880K songs.

While a lot of his albums' individual tracks are still unavailable, we did manage to get a lot of HOVA's best songs and hits. Here's a quick playlist of some of Jigga's best... including dimes from superstars such as Eminem ("Renegade" and "Moment of Clarity"), Kanye West ("Encore"), Dr. Dre ("The Watcher"), Rakim, The Neptunes ("Excuse Me Miss"), and The Roots ("Jigga What Unplugged").

Take a listen and make sure you turn the volume up for maximum bass.


Blogger mgrooves said...

Jigga Mix
"Real Niggaz - (featuring Too Short)" - Jay-Z
"Dirt Off Your Shoulder" - Jay-Z
"Nigga What, Nigga Who" - Jay-Z
"Big Pimpin'" - Jay-Z
"Encore" - Jay-Z
"Can I Get A..." - Jay-Z
"Change The Game" - Jay-Z
"Renagade" - Jay-Z
"Jigga What, Jigga Who" - Jay-Z
"The Watcher 2 feat Dr. Dre, Rakim & Truth Hurts" - Jay-Z
"Excuse Me Miss" - Jay-Z
"The Bounce (featuring Kanye West)" - Jay-Z
"A Moment Of Clarity" - Jay-Z

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