Friday, October 15, 2004

New & notable in Rhapsody

We've been adding music from a bunch of my favorite artists over the past few weeks, including Rainer Maria (yay!) and Moving Units (whose new album is on constant play at my house, in the car and on the go). This is a playlist of stuff I've been listening to this week....hope you like it.

new and notable in rhapsody: 10/15/04
"Black Curses" - Communique
"Scars" - Moving Units
"I Believe In The Good Of Life" - The Hidden Cameras
"Mistress" - Red House Painters
"Me and Mia" - Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
"I Have Space" - Mates Of State
"The Double Life" - Rainer Maria
"Television" - Robyn Hitchcock
"Just A Dream" - A.M. Sixty
"Forever Song" - Mosquitos
"La La La Song" - Low
"El Lago" - Labradford
"Decora" - Yo La Tengo
"CHANCE MEETING (2nd 7")" - Josef K
"Automatic Beauty" - Rainer Maria


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