Saturday, November 20, 2004

Tone Burst: a Stereolab retrospective

Stereolab is one of my all-time favorite bands. Since forming in the early 1990s, they've released a continuous stream of amazing singles and albums that have consistently pushed the sonic envelope. While we're missing some key releases (especially "Switched On" and their other singles comps), many of the Groop's albums *are* available through Rhapsody. Here is a sampler of some of the Stereolab songs that are my personal favorites. Enjoy the music.


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Stereolab: a retrospective
"Brakhage" - Stereolab
"Les Yper-Sound" - Stereolab
"Tone Burst" - Stereolab
"The Groop Play Chord X" - Stereolab
"Come And Play In The Milky Night" - Stereolab
"University Microfilms International " - Stereolab
"Wow And Flutter" - Stereolab
"Pack Yr Romantic Mind" - Stereolab
"The Seeming And The Meaning" - Stereolab
"Spark Plug" - Stereolab
"Miss Modular" - Stereolab
"Orgiastic" - Stereolab
"(New Wave) We're Not Adult Orientated" - Stereolab
"Crest" - Stereolab
"Ping Pong" - Stereolab
"Super Falling Star" - Stereolab
"L'Enfer Des Formes" - Stereolab
"Nothing To Do With Me" - Stereolab
"Op Hop Detonation" - Stereolab
"Cybele's Reverie" - Stereolab
"Infinity Girl" - Stereolab
"Captain Easy Chord" - Stereolab
"Metronomic Underground" - Stereolab
"Jenny Ondioline" - Stereolab

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