Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Song of the day: The Kinks/"The Village Green Preservation Society"

I went out on Sunday night for my birthday, to a San Francisco bar called The Casanova Lounge where the DJ was spinning mod, soul and pop records, including the 1968 Kinks single "The Village Green Preservation Society." I've been obsessed with the song since then, playing it over and over again in Rhapsody and plotting a trip to the record store tonight to buy it on CD (hear that, recording industry?) since the Kinks album of the same name isn't currently available through the service.

It also got me thinking about a new playlist series -- Rhapsody snapshots -- featuring music from a specific city at a specific time -- i.e. London in 1968, New York in 1977, Seattle in 1991, San Francisco in 1966, Los Angeles in 1970, Manchester in 1992, etc. I've already started work on some of these -- any recommendations are welcome.

ps -- Rhapsody also has a killer live take, recorded for the BBC, of "The Village Green Preservation Society." Click here to check it out. Enjoy.


Blogger Tim Harlow said...

Great idea on the city connection.
Ive been doing some research on Manchester 77 lately. Bands like Joy Division and The Fall were part of the Class Of '77.
Good Luck

5:28 PM  

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