Sunday, April 16, 2006

Song of the day: Headlights/"It Isn't Easy to Live That Well"

Headlights are a 5-piece indie pop band who I first ran across while researching shows to see at this year's SXSW music festival. They're from Champaign, Illinois, and in late 2004 released a limited-edition, mailorder-only EP (dubbed "The Enemies EP") that flew right under my radar.

Polyvinyl re-issued that EP late last year, and I'm glad to have discovered it, albeit belatedly. PopMatters says Headlights' sound falls "somewhere between My Bloody Valentine and Rainer Maria," two of my favorite bands. So what's not to like?

Live, they were fun to watch and to hear, especially the songs "It Isn't Easy to Live That Well" and "Tokyo" (both on the Enemies EP, which is available in Rhapsody. If you like what you hear, you can also download the song "Tokyo" via the Polyvinyl web site.


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