Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Thumbs up: best of 2004?

Rocking it 2004 style!

Here's a playlist of my favorite songs of 2004 (so far, anyway), featuring 43 songs from a wide range of artists from Stereolab and Thievery Corporation to Moving Units, Communique and Bloc Party. Enjoy the music of the Class of 2004.


Blogger Robert 0f The Radish said...

Which one is you in that photo Matt? :-)

5:41 PM  
Blogger chris said...

Nice playlist. Currently working on my "best of" for 2004... an "on Rhapsody" version and an all inclusive version as unfortunately some of my favorite releases this year have not yet hit the Rhapsody radar.

Thanks for adding a link to my site. I've returned the favor. Nice to have other places to go to get good playlists...

9:28 AM  
Blogger mgrooves said...

Best of 2004
"Banquet" - Bloc Party
"Going For Adds" - Moving Units
"Black Curses" - Communique
"She Will Only Bring You Happiness" - Mclusky
"Cheating On You" - Franz Ferdinand
"Run Into Flowers" - M83
"Vapour Trail" - Trespassers William
"Fighting for it All" - Mindy Smith
"Glitterball" - Seachange
"Plantlife" - Autolux
"All These Things That I've Done" - The Killers
"University Microfilms International " - Stereolab
"Slow Hot Wind" - Block 16
"Road Leads Where It's Led" - The Secret Machines
"One Chance" - Modest Mouse
"Gone Under Sea" - Electrelane
"I Was Born (A Unicorn)" - The Unicorns
"Long Time Coming" - Delays
"Misery Is A Butterfly" - Blonde Redhead
"Sugar Pill" - Ambulance Ltd.
"Souvenirs" - Architecture in Helsinki
"Step Back" - Bumblebeez 81
"Fallen Angel" - Elbow
"Gravity Grave" - The Verve
"Asphyxiated Circle" - Guided By Voices
"Victory Lane" - Komeda
"Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist" - Muse (UK)
"I Like You" - Morrissey
"White Plains" - John Vanderslice
"Absolute Affirmation" - Radio 4
"Does He Love You? " - Rilo Kiley
"Love And Some Verses" - Iron & Wine
"Unmade Bed" - Sonic Youth
"The Angels' Share" - Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
"Take Me Anywhere" - Tegan and Sara
"Assessment" - The Beta Band
"Blind Pilots" - The Cooper Temple Clause
"Anniversary" - The Cure
"Pretty (Ugly Before)" - Elliott Smith
"The Melting Moon" - Vhs Or Beta
"Cities" - Talking Heads
"Stretch (You Are All Right)" - Tortoise
"Fit But You Know It (Album version)" - The Streets

2:01 PM  
Blogger drake leLane said...

like to see the rhapsody lists!

of course, I sort of work with you... only from Seattle.

here's my album list (also references a rhapsody link)


5:09 PM  

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