Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Song of the day: Electrelane/"Bells"

I'm in NYC this week for work, and while I'm here will have the chance to see a couple of bands currently getting a lot of play on my stereo, including Say Hi To Your Mom (whose new record comes out next week and who are playing tonight) and Electrelane, who are playing Friday night.

Today's song of the day is from the latter group's new album, Axes, which came out less than a month ago and which is slowly but steadily growing on me. Click here to check out the song "Bells."


Blogger chris said...

Cool. I'm up in the NYC area (across the river over near Giants Stadium) for work this week too. Stayed up here over the holiday weekend and had a blast in the city with my wife (who flew up here for the weekend). Totally fell back in love with the city. Next time you're up here we'll have to hang out... I'm spending about 50% of my time up here these days. As far as the Electrelane album goes, I'm not sure I'm into it... but will give it another listen.

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