Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Song of the day: Voxtrot/"Wrecking Force"

In yesterday's post, I mentioned the band Voxtrot, an Austin, Texas-based combo who are garnering some serious buzz (bordering on hype) in indie circles.

I had the good fortune to catch them live just before SXSW this year on the tiny backroom stage of a bar in San Francisco, and they blew me away. I've described them to friends as the bastard children of Spoon and Belle and Sebastian -- less fey, more rock, if that means anything to you.

Anyway, we have the band's first EP, Raised By Wolves, available in Rhapsody, and if you do one thing for yourself this week, listening to it all the way through should be one of the contenders. Click here to check out the song "Wrecking Force" -- the payoff at 3:35 into the song gives me chills every time I listen, even after repeated plays. I've listened 3x writing this post (!)

Enjoy the music.