Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Neptunes: a Retrospective

The Neptunes are perhaps the hottest and most sought-after record producers working today. At the tender age of 30, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo have already produced a long string of hook-happy, ass-shaking songs for artists from Justin, Britney, and Beyonce to Snoop, Nelly, and Gwen, in addition to their work on their own band, N.E.R.D.

The Neptunes are so prolific that I couldn't fit this 51-song retrospective on a single playlist, so I've broken it up into two. Enjoy the music.

The Neptunes: a Retrospective, Volume One
The Neptunes: a Retrospective, Volume Two


Blogger mgrooves said...

Produced by The Neptunes: Vol. One
"Rock Your Body" - Justin Timberlake
"Got Your Money (Feat. Kelis)" - Ol' Dirty Bastard
"Hella Good" - No Doubt
"Beautiful (Featuring Pharrell, Unncle Charlie Wilson)" - Snoop Dogg
"Boys" - Britney Spears
"Trick Me" - Kelis
"Work It Out" - Beyonce Knowles
"Hot In Herre" - Nelly
"Grindin'" - Clipse
"The Flyest" - Nas
"Take Ya Home" - Lil Bow Wow
"Flap Your Wings" - Nelly
"Hot Sauce To Go" - Jadakiss
"Harder Better Faster Stronger (The Neptunes remix)" - Daft Punk
"Closer" - MC Lyte
"Emotion - (Neptunes' remix)" - Destiny's Child
"Milkshake" - Kelis
"Nothin'" - N.O.R.E.
"Run Away - (featuring Pusha T)" - Nivea
"From Tha Chuuuch To Da Palace (Featuring Pharrell)" - Snoop Dogg
"Truth Or Dare " - N.E.R.D. (featuring Kelis/Terror)
"Candy" - Foxy Brown
"Star - (featuring Clipse)" - 702
"Young'n" - Fabolous
"New York" - Ja Rule

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Blogger mgrooves said...

Produced by The Neptunes: Vol. Two
"Let's Talk About It" - Jermaine Dupri
"There She Goes" - Babyface
"I'm A Slave 4 U" - Britney Spears
"The Come Up" - Ms. Jade
"Let's Get Blown" - Snoop Dogg
"Southern Hospitality" - Ludacris
"Provider" - N.E.R.D.
"Danger (Been So Long)" - Mystikal
"Steal Away" - Mary J. Blige
"Perfect" - Snoop Dogg
"Hit The Freeway " - Toni Braxton
"Call Me" - Tweet
"Caught Out There" - Kelis
"She Wants To Move" - N.E.R.D.
"In The Late Night Hour" - Ice Cube
"Luv U Better" - LL Cool J
"Wait A Minute" - Ray J
"Off Parole - (featuring Tre Little)" - Royce Da 5'9"
"Please Don't Mind" - Philly's Most Wanted
"Grimey" - N.O.R.E.
"Call The Ambulance" - Busta Rhymes
"What It Is" - Violator Featuring Busta Rhymes
"Drop It Like It's Hot" - Snoop Dogg (featuring Pharrell)
"I Can't Make A Mistake" - MC Lyte
"As I Come Back" - Busta Rhymes
"Lapdance " - N.E.R.D.

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