Sunday, October 24, 2004

Sad songs for Sunday: Mindy Smith

I'm not a big country fan, but THIS EP by Mindy Smith really hit me square in the heart this year. Recorded solo in our studios in Seattle, it includes stripped down & hauntingly beautiful versions of five songs from her debut album. My favorites are "Fighting for It All" and "Hurricane." Best enjoyed alone on a Sunday.


Blogger TinyElvisGirl said...

Hello -- I love love love Mindy Smith. I own her CD so I'm not too disappointed that your Rhapsody blog link to Mindy isn't working for me right now. I did have great success with the Red House Painters link you've got here, however. I really like them and had never heard of 'em before so it's a special treat.

I was pleasantly surprised to see your comment on my Tiny Elvis Girl's Music church page

I work for Comcast in Portland, Oregon and I think this Rhapsody thing is the greatest. I just got an iPod and I'm struggling with iTunes. Do you know anything about how to use Rhapsody with iPod?

Thanks for sharing music. Maybe come back to my music church again soon?


8:41 PM  

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