Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Best of 2004: Songs I Missed

A friend sent me this playlist of their favorite songs of 2004, including several bands I'd never heard of (Dogs Die in Hot Cars, Hope of the States), a few I'd heard about but never actually heard (TV on the Radio), and some songs that were straight-up omissions from last week's playlist of the best songs of 2004, most notably Beck's "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes" from the soundtrack for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. That song is so meeeeeellllllllow. Great list!


Blogger mgrooves said...

Best of 2004 (asterisk)
"Where Does the Good Go" - Tegan and Sara
"It's Only Time" - The Magnetic Fields
"NARC" - Interpol
"The Hidden Track" - Earlimart
"Walking The Cow" - TV On The Radio
"Unrecorded" - M83
"The Colossal Gray Sunshine" - Faultline (with Wayne Coyne)
"This Temporary Life" - Death Cab For Cutie
"Found" - Igloo
"Simplesmente" - Bebel Gilberto
"Shame" - P J Harvey
"Faithful Brother (scourge of the land)" - The Mendoza Line
"Get Older" - Matthew Sweet
"Sick Fixation" - Meow Meow
"Live On" - Sloan
"Enemies / Friends" - Hope Of The States
"Big Brat" - Phantom Planet
"The Answer" - Bloc Party
"Seventeen Years" - Ratatat
"I've Been Thinking" - Handsome Boy Modeling School featuring Cat Power
"She Lives By The Water" - Club 8
"Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes" - Beck
"Be Kind + Remind" - Rogue Wave
"It Doesn't Really Matter" - For Stars
"Polaris" - Jimmy Eat World
"Arlington Queen" - Stellastarr
"On Your Side" - Pete Yorn
"Gleaming Auction" - Snow Patrol
"This Fire" - Franz Ferdinand
"Doot Doot Plot" - The Hidden Cameras
"Modern Woman" - Dogs Die in Hot Cars
"Like A Call" - Architecture in Helsinki
"Swingset Chain" - Loquat
"In The Sun" - Joseph Arthur
"Pillow" - Capitol K

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