Friday, December 03, 2004

Scratch that...

This playlist includes a mix of my favorite head-nodding --and at many times rump-shaking-- songs from a variety of artists (Wagon Christ, Q-Burns Abstract Mesaage, DJ Food) in an eclectic range of styles from trip-hop and big beat to downtempto electronica. Enjoy.


Blogger mgrooves said...

friday triphop
"Call Me Goldfinger" - Pepe Deluxe
"Base 6" - The Chemical Brothers
"Sorry I Make You Lush" - Wagon Christ
"Gangster Tripping" - Fatboy Slim
"Scatter & Swing" - Lionrock
"Paid In Full (Coldcut Remix)" - Eric B and Rakim
"Course Of Action" - Scratch Perverts
"Mr. Quicke Cut The Cheese" - DJ Food
"Aqua" - Hedfunk
"Never Ending Snorkel" - Wagon Christ meet DJ Rob Swift
"Gottagetback" - Q-Burns Abstract Message
"Nighty Night" - Wagon Christ
"Velvet Pants" - Propellerheads
"Break In - (Transatlantic Move mix)" - Cirrus
"Because Of You" - Scanty Sandwich
"The Bomb Drops" - Jeep Beat Collective
"Now Is The Time (The Crystal Method Millennium Mix)" - The Crystal Method
"Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim Old Skool Mix)" - Fatboy Slim
"October 27" - Cirrus

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