Saturday, July 16, 2005

Just added: Royksopp/The Understanding

Norwegian duo Royksopp have a new album, The Understanding, coming out on Tuesday. Rhapsody subscribers appear to be getting an early preview; the album was added to the service today.

I was a fan of the group's first album, Melody A.M, especially the songs "Eple" and "Remind Me." Their playful brand of downtempo electronica grew on me, and from time to time I still break it out for a Sunday morning listen. So I was happy to check out their new one this morning.

It's quite different, falling much more on the club side/sound than I had expected. There are lots of guest vocalists and more straight-ahead club beats. Overall, I have to say I'm a little disappointed. But a few songs did stand out -- click here to check out "Follow My Ruin" (the one I'd be most likely to hear on a late-night dancefloor), the mellow, slinking "Someone Like Me," and the funky, expect-a-call-from-Prince's-lawyers-soon song "49 Percent."


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