Saturday, January 15, 2005

Flowwmaster: Undiscovered Hip-Hop

Flowwmaster Playlist Link As regular visitors to the Rhapsody Radish know, I have invited independent musicians to submit their work for review. The majority is crap. 20% is good, but in need of refinement. But every once in awhile you stumble upon that $100 bill amongst the garbage on the side of the road. It makes it all worth it. Flowwmaster has mad skills, you need to check it out. (Via: Rhapsody Radish)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy FlowwMaster is off the chain for real!!!! He has some tight cuts on this album. I actually saw FlowwMaster and his street team pushing his product and I did not have the money to buy the cd at the time, but when it popped up on the internet, I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!

3:40 PM  

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