Friday, January 14, 2005

Mary Lou Lord: an appreciation

All of these singer-songwriter playlists got me thinking about Mary Lou Lord, a Boston-based singer and guitarist who has several albums available through Rhapsody.

After putting out several singles (most notably 1993's "Western Union Desperate") and a highly-recommended self-titled EP through the Kill Rock Stars label (where her acoustic strumming stood in stark contrast to the punk stylings of her labelmates), Lord was the subject of a major label bidding war. Ultimately, Sony's WORK Group won the bidding, and the label released Lord's debut album, Got No Shadow in 1998. In time, Lord was dropped from the label and returned to the indie world, releasing several albums on Rubric Records.

This playlist includes some of my favorite Mary Lou Lord songs from her later releases; her first EP and early singles are, sadly, not available yet through Rhapsody.


Blogger mgrooves said...

Mary Lou Lord
"Speeding Motorcycle" - Mary Lou Lord
"Because He's Leaving" - Mary Lou Lord
"Thirteen" - Mary Lou Lord
"Western Union Desperate" - Mary Lou Lord
"Someone Always Talks" - Mary Lou Lord
"1952 Vincent Black Lightning" - Mary Lou Lord
"Right On 'Till Dawn" - Mary Lou Lord
"Some Jingle Jangle Morning" - Mary Lou Lord
"Thunder Road" - Mary Lou Lord
"Shake Sugaree" - Mary Lou Lord
"Martian Saints" - Mary Lou Lord

2:28 PM  
Blogger drake leLane said...

Right about the time of the major label bidding war, she was also under constant threat of bodily harm by Courtney Love because of Mary Lou's previous relationship with Kurt Cobain.

Mary Lou's a sweetheart... she made great mix tapes back in the day. Kind of like we do now with Rhapsody playlists ...

4:44 PM  
Blogger Lily said...

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Blogger Lily said...

I gave a listen to Mary Lou Lord today and promptly added her to my library. Thanks.

6:02 PM  

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