Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Now in Rhapsody: Le Tigre

I just noticed that over the past couple of weeks, we've added Le Tigre's first few EPs and albums (on their Mr. Lady label) to Rhapsody. Click here to listen to a playlist of songs by these masters of laptop punk. Programmed beats, yelped vocals, buzzing guitars -- Le Tigre's got it going on.

(ps -- the remix of "Deceptacon" is out of this world)


Blogger mgrooves said...

Le Tigre
"My My Metrocard" - Le Tigre
"Deceptacon (DFA remix)" - Le Tigre
"Mediocrity Rules" - Le Tigre
"Tres Bien" - Le Tigre
"Let's Run" - Le Tigre
"Much Finer" - Le Tigre
"Dyke March 2001 (Reid Speed remix) reid's aphro-dykey mix" - Le Tigre
"Get Off The Internet" - Le Tigre

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