Monday, January 10, 2005

Now in Rhapsody: Lois

Lois Maffeo was my hero in the mid-1990s, proving that enthusiasm, good melodies and simple chords together make great pop music. Recording as simply "Lois" -- and early on, as The Lois -- she released a number of albums on K Records, including Butterfly Kiss, Strumpet (my personal favorite), and Bet the Sky.

Lois' sound is simple, featuring catchy acoustic guitar, endearing vocals, and sloppily beautiful drumming (listen to the song "Hey Antoinette for an example). This playlist includes some of my favorite Lois songs, including "Strumpet," "Shy Town," and Lois' a capella take on the Zombies song "The Way I Feel Inside."


Blogger mgrooves said...

"Shy Town" - lois
"Strumpet" - Lois
"Transatlantic Telephone Call" - lois
"The Trouble With Me" - Lois
"Hey! Antoinette" - Shy Town
"Valentine" - Lois
"The Way I Feel Inside" - Lois

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