Sunday, January 09, 2005

Now in Rhapsody: Heavenly!!

Wow -- this week we added a bunch of K Records releases to Rhapsody, including almost every release by dreamy UK indiepop band Heavenly. If you like punky guitars, shambling beats and sha-la girl vocals (courtesy of Ms. Amelia Fletcher), then Heavenly is essential listening. This playlist includes some of my favorite Heavenly songs, including "Atta Girl," which I think is one of the best songs to come out of the early 90s indiepop scene. Enjoy!


Blogger mgrooves said...

"Atta Girl" - Heavenly
"three star sompartment" - Heavenly
"C is the Heavenly Option" - Heavenly
"Escort Crash On Marston Street" - Heavenly
"Starshy" - Heavenly
"P.U.N.K Girl" - Heavenly
"Shallow" - Heavenly
"Boyfriend Stays the Same" - Heavenly

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