Friday, July 22, 2005

Just added: Lilys/In the Presence of Nothing

Holy shit!!! My favorite shoegaze album of all-time, Lilys' 1992 masterpiece In the Presence of Nothing, was added to Rhapsody this week. As I've written before, Lilys are one of my favorite bands, and this album was their masterpiece -- a symphony of gorgeously distorted, swirling guitars and vocals. From standout songs like "Claire Hates Me" and "Tone Bender" to more mellow favorites like "It Does Nothing for Me," this album is a classic. I bow down to Slumberland Records and SpinART for having the vision to put this record out, and to my friend Ted for finally convincing SpinART to make their artists' music available through Rhapsody. Enjoy -- and have a great weekend.


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