Friday, August 26, 2005

Song of the day: Mazarin/"I'm with You and the Constellations"

One of the best songs that my best friend Hill has turned me onto in the past few years is Mazarin's "Chasing the Girl" (available as a free stream here, via After falling deeply in love with that epic pop single, I eagerly picked up what ended up being a rather disappointing album by Mazarin in the dollar bins at Amoeba. After that, I largely wrote the band off.

Until today, that is. This morning, I saw that my friend Robert over at Music Radish had blogged favorably about the new Mazarin album, We're Already There. I respect Robert's taste immensely, and decided to give the band a second chance. And I'm glad I did. While I like the album, I *LOVE* the song "I'm with You And The Constellations." But don't trust me -- check it out for yourselves. Enjoy.


Blogger Robert 0f The Radish said...

Why thanks Matt, your comments made me feel great. I have been listening to this album tons. I love it and it has only grown on me more with frequent spins.

By the way I have a full review of this disc on Blogcritics

6:11 PM  

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