Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Song of the day: The Spinto Band/"Late"

Today I'm taking a break from heaping effusive praise on obscure shoegaze bands to heap effusive praise on a no less obscure but incredibly good group, The Spinto Band. I've been exploring their debut album, Nice and Nicely Done, since it came out in June on Bar/None Records. It's got a lot of winners in my book, including "Oh Mandy" (which I've mentioned before) and "Crack the Whip." The latest song to catch my fancy is "Late," a rollicking pop song that builds and builds to some great guitar work two and a half minutes in. Enjoy the music.


Blogger isaacjosephson said...

God I hate this band. And I listened to them on Matt's recommendation! Here's what I wrote in my blog:

Everyone sings songs about the pangs of love, but the excitable, overly fey vocals chased around by an inane two-note mandolin line on "Oh Mandy" makes Spinto sound like a collection of hyperventilating, adolescent sex offenders while they're doing it.

7:38 PM  

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