Sunday, July 24, 2005

Song of the day: Monster Movie/"Crash Landing"

I was happy to see that we added Monster Movie's debut EP to Rhapsody this weekend. Monster Movie is an offshoot of early 1990s UK shoegaze bands Slowdive and Eternal, and their music is some of the best new shoegaze/dronepop to hit the scene in a while. Since 2001, the group has released one EP and two albums on Clairerecords; the self-titled EP is good, the first album (Last Night Something Happened, which isn't available yet through Rhapsody) is great, and the second album (To the Moon) is, sadly, so-so at best. The first Monster Movie song to grab me was "Crash Landing." Click here to check it out."

UPDATE (7/29): (Last Night Something Happened was added to Rhapsody this week. Yay!


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