Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Song of the day: Bailter Space/"Shadow"

People who know me know I'm obsessive about looking for new music to check out. This obsession often brings me to San Francisco's Amoeba Records, the best record store I've ever been to and one of the top reasons I question ever leaving the Bay area. I always find good stuff, and cheap, in the bargain bins at Amoeba.

One of my recent favorite finds was the album Wammo by New Zealand cosmic rock band Bailter Space. I'd heard about this band in the late 1990s, but never gave their music a chance, but recently was turned back onto them by my friends Hill and Donna. I found the now out-of-print album for $2.99 last month at Amoeba.

While poking around Rhapsody today, I realized that Wammo is now available in Rhapsody, as is more or less the band's entire catalogue. Taking full advantage, I was listening to the band's other releases tonight, and discovered the song "Shadow" on their 1994 album Vortura. Take a listen -- it's pretty (and dreamy) good stuff.


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