Tuesday, January 18, 2005

New & notable in Rhapsody -- 1/18/05

I've been poring over the "Just Added" lists for the past few weeks to put together this playlist of the latest & greatest additions to the Rhapsody library. The list includes songs by Boyracer, The Delgados, Le Tigre, Mission of Burma, Versus and Jay-Z, among others. Enjoy the music!


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new and notable in Rhapsody -- 1/17/04
"Deceptacon (DFA remix)" - Le Tigre
"Everybody Come Down" - The Delgados
"Face of 73" - Tender Trap
"Shy Town" - lois
"Angeline" - The Crabs
"Crank" - Catherine Wheel
"Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" - U2
"J'ai Dormi Sous L'eau" - Air
"Atta Girl" - Heavenly
"Wire" - Kicking Giant
"Dead Pool" - Mission Of Burma
"That Boy Yr With is a Dick" - Boyracer
"Sharp, Twisted" - Yume Bitsu
"Frosty" - The Legendary Pink Dots
"Clock Song (Go Girl Go)" - Scrawl
"Angel in the Snow" - Marine Research
"It's Love" - The Softies
"For Sure" - Tiger Trap
"Miss World" - Hole
"Sunlight Flier" - Versus
"Similak Child" - Black Sheep
"Dirt Off Your Shoulder" - Jay-Z
"Derelicts Of Dialect" - 3rd Bass

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