Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Tour of the year....?

Wow. I found out this weekend that three of my favorite up-and-coming bands --Autolux, Moving Units, and Secret Machines-- are touring together for the next few months, stopping in my hometown of Boston later this month, my adopted hometown of San Francisco in mid-February and in NYC in early March. The show is sure to be packed with an interesting mix of discopunk, shoegaze, and indie rock fans, and more than a little of the devil's weed. This playlist includes songs by these bands that are in high rotation on my stereo these days. Enjoy!


Blogger mgrooves said...

Memo from the best tour ever dept.
"Nowhere Again" - The Secret Machines
"Scars" - Moving Units
"Subzero Fun" - Autolux
"Road Leads Where It's Led" - The Secret Machines
"Going For Adds" - Moving Units
"Plantlife" - Autolux
"I Am" - Moving Units
"Capital Kind Of Strain" - Autolux
"Leaves Are Gone" - The Secret Machines

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Blogger mgrooves said...

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