Thursday, October 07, 2004

Somber and gray

It was sunny today in San Francisco, but this afternoon the fog began creeping over the hills and it began to get.....chilly. Made me feel like listening to some Red House Painters to make the mood match the weather....

Red House Painters sampler

Divisadero Street Soundtrack

Hey there --

So I'm in this art group and this month we decided to make projects about Divisadero Street in San Francisco. I made a soundtrack --

Divisadero Street Soundtrack

The music starts out in the Ashbury Heights section, then goes through the Haight, the Western Addition, Pac Heights and ends in the Marina (yuck). It's mellow, techno, smooth and Tito.

Enjoy ...


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Dreams of 1992 (shoegazing is not a crime)

I was thinking tonight about the early 1990s and how much I loved dancing to this lovely music on the loud speakers of a crowded dancefloor.

Actors who sing

This playlist is a great example of why I love Rhapsody.