Thursday, November 04, 2004

Songs For Fighting

Are you pissed off over the election, your girlfriend, your job? Do you wanna kick someone's ass? If so, I present your soundtrack.


The Best of 1971 For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, "Best of" lists are much different than "Number 1 Hits" lists. The songs on our "Best of" lists are from albums that are critically acclaimed accross the board and have impacted popular music in a big way. The "Number 1" lists are songs that have hit #1 on the Billboard charts that year. Some of which are quite "forgettable".

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Jamie Cullum

Ok it may be not new to you but I think this guy might be the next big thing thanks to this song...I know it's kind of a cheesy one but the rest of the album isn't that bad...well except this one. Nobody should try to sing a Jeff Buckley song ever, it's a sacrilege. Just listen to the original and decide. Nobody will ever sing better than Jeff...cause he was an angel. Damn freaking mississippi river .

side 1 track 1 continued...

When I started making my Side 1 Track 1 playlist, my idea was to limit myself to the 70's, but eventually I realized that Parliament followed by Gram Parsons followed by Yes didn't exactly segue very well. So by paring down to things that formed a cohesive whole, I ended up with this: the Side 1 Track 1 70's Power Pop, Proto-Punk & Post-Punk playlist. (Say that 10 times fast.)


No joy in Mudville

Do you hear that giant sucking sound? It's the collective gasp coming from both coasts over the election. Here's a playlist of music to make the head scracthing and wound licking a little more pleasant.

As Expected The Election Comes Down To...


Bush - 2,794,346 - 51%

Kerry - 2,658,125 - 49%

Badnarik - 14,125 - 0%

Peroutka - 11,606 0%

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


We are not endorsing anything here but I just love this song from the VW commercial.



Eno is enough

Brian Eno rules. As a musician and producer he has constantly stayed at the cutting edge, from his early 70s work with Roxy Music to his incredible output as a solo artist and producer for Bowie, Ultravox, DEVO, and most notably, The Talking Heads and U2. I could say more (lots more), but I think I'll let the music speak for itself; it's a playlist of songs either by Eno or produced by Eno. Good stuff.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Produced By Flood

Produced by Flood The famous producer Mark Ellis was given the name "Flood" because of his tendency to spill his tea in the studio. Flood has achieved legendary status as a music producer and the songs in this list were produced and/or engineered by him.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

John Leckie: a look back

John Leckie is one of my favorite producers, if for no other reason than he recorded two of my all-time desert island albums, Radiohead's The Bends and The Stone Roses' eponymous debut.

In his 35-year career, Leckie has produced classic albums by The Fall, Simple Minds, XTC, Radiohead, The Verve, and The Stone Roses, among others. Sadly, many of Leckie's greatest productions (Radiohead's The Bends, XTC's White Music, etc.) aren't yet available through Rhapsody. But as you'll see from this playlist, we do have a nice chunk of his musical repertoire in stock. Enjoy.