Saturday, October 29, 2005

Song of the day: Unrest/"Suki"

Nice -- I just realized that Imperial f.f.r.r., the classic 1992 album by DC area pop group Unrest, has been added to Rhapsody. The album, on Teenbeat Records --one of my all-time favorite record labels-- is chock full of manic guitar strumming, killer bass and catchy songs like "Suki," "Isabel," and "Cherry Cream On."

Rhapsody's got the deluxe edition released in February by Teenbeat, coinciding with the label's 20th anniversary. This version includes a bunch of bonus material, including 7" mixes, demos and other hard-to-find songs. It's a highly, highly recommended listen. Enjoy!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Song of the day: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah/"In This Home of Ice"

I didn't want to like this band -- too much hype for my tastes. But last night, I was cruising Rhapsody's lists of just added music, saw Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's self-titled EP, and decided to check it out. My favorite song, hands down, is "In This Home of Ice," recommended if you like the catchy bass lines of New Order bassist Peter Hook. Yum. Happy Friday.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Songs of the day: Bloc Party/"Two More Years" & "Tulips"

I'm back after a leisurely month-long break from blogging. I'd love to tell you that I had climbed a mountain, traveled to faraway places, or written my Great Novel, but the truth is I've just been super-busy.

Nonetheless, it's been a good month for music in Rhapsody. I've been listening to the service even more than usual lately via a loaner Sonos digital music system, which has transformed the way I listen to music in my apartment. I can now access my Rhapsody library and all of my MP3s from anywhere in my house, and listen to them on stereos in the front and back of my apartment simultaneously. Excuse me while I gush.

Anyway, two of the songs that have been making me really, really happy lately are the (relatively) new Bloc Party single "Two More Years," which came out earlier this month, and the song "Tulips," which came out earlier this year on Dim Mak Records. "Two More Years" is a highly recommended listen that hits its stride 90 seconds in; if you like Bloc Party's album Silent Alarm, you'll probably like this song. "Tulips" is even better. Click here to check out both songs. And click here to download "Tulips" for free via the band's web site.

Enjoy the music!