Saturday, April 15, 2006

Song of the day: Bossanova/"Calvary"

Hey there, stranger. I've been more than a little slack about posting to the Rockschool recently. But after getting some tough love/encouragement/ inspiration from Robert over at Rhapsody Radish while driving around a very rainy San Francisco the week before last, I'm back.

Since my last post, Rhapsody's library has grown by more than 300,000 songs -- that's a lot of music to pore over, panning for audio gold. So, where to begin?

Well, you could start by clicking here to check out the song "Calvary" by Canadian noisepoppers Bossanova. Washington, DC's Teenbeat Records, which released the band's debut full-length, Hey, Sugar, this week, describes Bossanova thusly: "New Order plays 'Telstar'. Ian Curtis Sings Disco. The Feminine Complex Gets Masculine. Feat. members of New Pornographers and Black Mountain."

I describe it thusly: good stuff. Enjoy the music.